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A range of services to offer the best second life to your furniture that you find difficult to part with. We take care of freeing you from your belongings and organizing their sale, donation or recycling.

Our ambition is to find a new home for your furniture through appropriate support to guarantee the best solution that your furniture deserves.

With Vide Maison Riviera you participate in minimizing the impact on the climate and meet the needs of a part of our weakened society.

Vide Maison Riviera is committed to supporting the circular economy and weaving a local solidarity network by donating part of its collections to charities.

Our collection service
  • Want to engage

    Born from the desire to engage in sustainable development and to support individuals in giving their beloved furniture a second life - Vide Maison Riviera was born!

  • A turnkey service for individuals and hotels

    Vide Maison find solution to those who wish to part with furniture that can be reused and find a new home - we help you.

  • A donation service

    Vide Maison Riviera undertakes to donate certain furniture collected in order to help people in need to be refurnished. Our goal is to build a network of organizations requesting furniture for their beneficiaries.

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