Le commencement - le confinement

The beginning - confinement

The art of throwing nothing away and transforming everything: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" is a quote from Antoine Lavoisier who has always reasoned less.

My other hobby, antiquing, decoration, curiosities and finally another need that helps me get up in the morning to make me useful for future generations, vulnerable people who need furniture but also those who don't know how to give back a useful second life to their much-loved furniture and objects.

Vide maison Riviera was born, why this simple and slightly funky name, because it has the merit of being clear, humble and asks the question but where?

For the curious, welcome to our site. For associations and other potential partners, who work to help those in need, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be delighted to collaborate with you in the future.

And finally if a big arm team feels interested in this type of activity, please contact me.

Vide maison Riviera, what is it, well it's not a storage room, a recycling center but a company that takes care of your useful furniture that you would like above all to pass on to make people happy!