Hired furniture collection service

Vide Maison Riviera offers you a committed collection service for your household furniture.

Vide Maison's mission is to facilitate your move and give a second life to furniture that you no longer know what to do with: objects or furniture that have value in your eyes. We take care of freeing you from your goods and organizing their sale or donation.

We make your move easier by offering the following services:

  1. - The inventory of your furniture if you are not on site
  2. - Point of contact and coordination with your movers
  3. - Furniture evaluation
  4. - Collection of furniture
  5. - Deposit Sale or donation
  6. - Upcycling or Revaluation with our second-hand partners

Our ambition is to facilitate the extension of the life of furniture by upgrading it through a tailor-made collection and redistribution process.

  • avoid scrapping furniture that deserves a second life
  • minimize the impact on the climate
  • meet the needs of a weakened part of our society

Some of your furniture will be resold and others given away. We work with charities that will benefit from your action.

Several formulas exist:

  • Peace of mind: you are not there or you do not have time, you need someone to find the best moving solution to meet your needs and you want to have the inventory done to know what which you need to get rid of.
  • Sale deposit: part of the value of the sale will be paid to you, the other part of the sale will be paid to Vide Maison Riviera
  • Your furniture must disappear: an inventory will be carried out and an agreement on the removal of the furniture
  • A pre-selected association on the Gandee platform will receive part of the profits from sales


The advantages of our solution:

An interlocutor :

  • privileged
  • of confidence
  • on the spot
  • an integrated approach from inventory to collection

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