Pourquoi le service de Vide Maison existe?

Why does house clearance service exist?

A "house clearance" is a term used to refer to the process of completely emptying the contents of a house or dwelling, usually in the context of a sale, move or inheritance.


When a house needs to be emptied, it means that all objects, furniture, appliances, knick-knacks, clothes and other personal belongings that are there must be removed in such a way as to leave the house completely empty.

The house clearing process may be necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

Selling the house: When someone sells their house, it may be necessary to empty the house of all personal belongings before the sale.

Moving: When a person moves to a new residence, they often have to empty their old house to take possession of the new one.

Succession: After making decisions on the distribution of assets or to sell the property. The death of a loved one, the heirs may have to empty the house of the deceased to p

Cleaning and Renovation: Sometimes a home needs to be gutted for renovations or deep cleaning.

The house clearing process can be quite tedious, as it often requires sorting, packing, transporting and sometimes temporarily storing many items.

Many people use professional services like videmaisonriviera.com to help them with this task.

During these Vide Maison operations, it is not uncommon to come across pieces of vintage and magnificent furniture to discover talented artists:

My top 3 discoveries lately that particularly challenged me

Albert Tormos

I fell in love with this sculptor, who creates simple, poetic objects with sometimes an ethnic influence. The raw state of the material of the objects gives them a very fashionable industrial spirit, especially lamps made from natural limestone from the Luberon


Jacques Duval Brasseur


This French sculptor born in 1934 mainly uses bronze and fine stones such as agate, here is this magnificent swan which was used in the 60s/70s to store his mail, these achievements represent mostly insects and birds!

Eva Renee Neele

This German plastic sculptor born in the 1930s in Germany, specialist in metal and who collaborated with Temde Leutchen to design this line of superb lighting